Christian Concepts International Church is reaching the community through its Drive for Destiny Initiative, Destiny Detail and Wellness Park.

Making a difference!

Drive for Destiny

Pastor Brian O’Neil of Christian Concepts International Church has launched an initiative, Drive for Destiny that is backed by a group of certified drivers of luxury cars who donate a percentage of their proceeds from rideshare platforms to the program. Drive for Destiny seeks to provide financial solutions to the fatherless children in our local communities. These solutions include scholarships, image maintenance, jobs, mentorships and so much more.

Destiny Detail – A car detailing business where children apart of the Drive for Destiny program are hired and trained professionally on how to detail a car, work with others, and maintain a profitable business. Participants detail the cars used in the Drive for Destiny program to keep the cars in tip top shape as well as servicing the cars of citizens throughout the local communities.

Wellness Park

The Christian Concepts International Church Wellness Park endeavors to create an oasis for the South Chicagoland region in which residents are able to find fresh, organic and locally grown food, be educated in green practices, enjoy entertainment in a “one-of-a-kind” tree-house open-aire theatre, find rest and relaxation on our nature trails and increase their health through exercise in our many health and fitness features. Through a host of other amenities and programs, residents will be able to receive a holistic health and wellness experience as well as job opportunities and education programs.

On 1.5 acres of land, the CCIC Wellness Park will offer urban farming, composting, fish farming, wind-powered facilities, a labyrinth and a variety of other initiatives geared towards making our communities self-sustainable, more efficient and economically prosperous.

Our mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty in the South Suburbs. We will partner with area schools and colleges to both activate and to educate our youth, adults, and senior citizens about producing one’s own personal wellness through urban farming, outdoor exercise, and a flourishing of the arts within a unique community project setting.

Key features of the CCIC Wellness Park will include our community vegetable gardens, greenhouses, apple orchard, nature trails, indoor gymnasium, working wind mill, restored hardwood forest, and our “one of a kind” Tree-Top Open-Aire Amphitheater.

At the CCIC Wellness Park, our healthy, well-nourished community members will truly experience and be enriched by A flourishing of the Arts and Human Spirit. It will be the Disneyland of the south suburbs!

vegetable garden with tomatoes

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